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Saturday 16 January 2010
new start.

Jottings has been reincarnated.

I was yearning for a place to share book recommendations and new music, whilst still having a fashion slant. It might very well fall flat on its face, but I won't know until I've had a go. After all, I've always been told that failure's good - that's how you learn.

after the teacups - http://thispageiswrinkled.blogspot.com/

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Tuesday 30 December 2008
Almost 2009... & a goodbye.

So it's almost time to say gooodbye 2008 & hello 2009.

& a goodye from me...for now.
this blog isn't how i want it to be;
it's just quite neglected & in a rather sorry state
i don't post enough, i just don't have enough time to spend on it 

i will still be reading & commenting on all my favourite blogs though 

perhaps in the future i'll start again, move onto better & bigger things
but for now, jottings will be taking a break

have a happy new year, all of you!

images from Sonia Rykiel AW08 via kathyisyourfriend

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Thursday 25 December 2008

Hope you have a good one & get everything you wished for!

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Wednesday 17 December 2008
Alexander Koutny.

Alexander Koutny SS09

Alexander Koutny's SS09 collection was one of a trio featured in the On|Off presents show. The construction of the silhouettes is just beautiful, creating strong yet feminine structures. I also love the colour palette, especially the shades of teal, together with the use of sheer fabrics.

I hope you'll agree that Alexander Koutny is definitely a name to look out for.

alexander koutny

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Tuesday 16 December 2008
it's been a while...

wow, i haven't posted for a long time
can't wait for christmas though, i'm feeling all festive

i love images from "The Hats & Headpieces Issue" of fashion156.com

all images from fashion156.com

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Sunday 23 November 2008
A Knit for Winter.

There's nothing I like more than a nice slouchy jumper for winter. A printed or geometric one would be perfect. Or a brown one with an animal on the front, just like the Peter Jensen jumper.

Topshop do have a lovely selection at the moment, although I wish that one (bottom right) wasn't sold out. I did however buy the jumper with pockets yesterday in a blue grey colour. 

On another note, my blog is looking more neglected than ever at the moment.

images: topshop, fashion156 blog, nasty gal vintage, lookbook.nu

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Thursday 6 November 2008
6th november.

it's my birthday today !
off to see alphabeat with the girls
then party party party tomorrow

i'm hoping for a luella dress and miu miu handbag
when i become a millionaire
but for now a cupcake with pink icing and sprinkles would be just lovely.

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Saturday 1 November 2008

Luella AW08

Got back yesterday to a very cold Halloween.
More posts should come soon!

image: fifi lapin

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Thursday 16 October 2008
A Brief Absence.

A quick note to say that I'm going away for a couple of weeks.
I'll be back soon, I promise.

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Monday 6 October 2008
Inspiration Board Inspiration.

I often take inspiration from other people's collages or inspiration boards.

After stumbling across these on flickr, I wish I could create such beautiful collages. I love the use of different media, especially with the combination of sketches. The colour schemes, images and text all create a romantic feel.

I just had to share.

(Also, I must apologise for the lack of posts. One word really: school.)
plus become a follower at bloglovin´!

images: claireystitch @ flickr

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Sunday 28 September 2008
Just because...

Luella SS09.

I love Luella.

images: style.com, elle

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Sunday 21 September 2008
A Dreamy Wander.

A Dreamy Wander - Erin Fetherston AW08

This seems a bit out of place with all the Spring/Summer collections at the moment, and especially as I only spoke about Erin's last week, but I was reminded of this video through the screen caps in Lula Magazine.

The whole aesthetic and essence of this video for me sums up Erin Fetherston. I do however prefer the middle sequence to the beginning, with the appearance of the fairy-like creatures. The woodland backdrop is just beautiful.

& I love Zooey in this video.

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Sunday 14 September 2008
Looking Towards Summer.

Catherine Holstein - SS09.

I have developed a love for Catherine Holstein since I read her interview in a past issue of Lula.

Really like the colour palette of this collection: particularly the canary yellow and peach. White lace, along with blue and white stripes are amongst my favourites for summer.

I think this is her first runway show. Can't wait for the next.

images: nymag.com

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Wednesday 10 September 2008
Head in the clouds.

Erin Fetherston - SS09

Inspired by the sky, the collection was full of white cloud-like creations, teamed with blues and the odd hint of the peach colour you sometimes see at sunset. 

The pieces are rather beautiful and something you might expect to see in a fairytale. I just love the way they seem to float...

Probably not my favourite collection of hers, but ever so dreamy.

images: style.com

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Sunday 7 September 2008
& so it's ny fashion week.

Kirsten for Band of Outsiders.

Doesn't she look lovely? I did miss her for a while.

I love going through the hundreds of pictures during fashion week,
plus reading the coverage on fashionista.com

although I should really be finishing my homework.

images: style.com

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Wednesday 3 September 2008
"Feeling Falling".

‘These bruises? I’ll tell you. I’ve just come from a photo shoot where I had to jump naked off a fourth-storey fire escape. A fashion magazine had the idea of recreating a famous Fifties shot of a mother and child leaping from a burning New York building.

When it was first suggested I thought, “This idea is too mad, even for me.”

Then I thought about it and decided it might be a laugh. I’m not great with heights so when I got to the fourth floor I began to have second thoughts.

But I couldn’t face walking naked all the way to the ground having chickened out. So I jumped. Then I jumped again. I must have done about 50 jumps, landing on a stunt mat.

I had so much adrenaline pumping through me that I didn’t notice the pain I was in and it was only afterwards that I saw all the cuts and bruises. But I’m glad I did it. I find it hard to resist a dare.'

Agyness in an interview for Live magazine, Mail on Sunday (Jul 08)

If I'm honest
, Agyness has never been one of my favourite models. But I do rather like this editorial, especially the whole concept and inspiration behind it. And I can definitely feel winter coming - I just wish that we could have had more sunshine this summer.

I'm definitely going to pick up a copy of Pop soon, just need to decide which cover to choose...

Pop A/W 08 via fashionologie.com

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Tuesday 2 September 2008
Dear Alexa,

I know that some people find you a bit annoying sometimes. But I still adore you. I often dream about having your wardrobe. And you do look pretty damn gorgeous in Elle. (Apart from I would have probably loved it more if your hair were down)

Wow, I'm really loving Elle lately. The collection covers are beautiful and they've been treating us with the likes of Chloe, Mary-Kate and now, Alexa. Although maybe we'd like a model next month.

A few quotes from Alexa:

On what gets her excited about fashion:
"I took a really geeky fan photo of my favourite model, Chanel Iman, when I was filming in Paris the other day"

On Karl Lagerfeld:
"The next day when I interviewed him, he said, 'Oh, all these people stink' and then, 'Not you, I like you, but no one else.' I thought, 'YES! Karl Lagerfeld likes me!'...He talks like a wise Chinese man..."

On wearing a £2,000 Matthew Williamson dress at Glastonbury:
"I was like, 'What? If I'd have know that I would not have worn the dress in a field!' It costs the same as a sofa."

On why people have responded so well to her:
"I dress like a real person would dress...I wear the same things over and over again."

On Henry Holland t-shirts:
"How about... 'I wanna sex ya, Alexa?' "

Alexa Chung in Elle UK Oct 08

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Saturday 30 August 2008
The Ongoing Search for the Perfect Satchel.

I mentioned my desire for a satchel at the beginning of the year, but am yet to find the perfect one. This is largely because I can't find one the right colour, shape and size with the buckle detailing and type of soft leather I have in mind.

Already browsing through the Mulberry website, I was pointed towards the Men's Bags section following a tip from Alexa Chung, and have found some possible bags that may fulfill the criteria of the perfect satchel that I seem to have I created in my head. The briefcase type bags would work really well with a long strap.

One of these bags would probably live with me for years and years to come. To me it would become somewhat of a classic piece that ages as it becomes more worn, giving it a bit more character.

If only I had around £450 to spare.

Mulberry Barnaby, Mulberry Walter, Mulbery Elkington

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Thursday 21 August 2008
Eleanor Hardwick.

How talented this girl? Many of these photos were taken when she was only 14 (she's now 15).

I love the clever concepts behind the photographs and the props used are brilliant, with a variety of masks, old wooden doors and supermarket trolleys full with bags of carrots. I particularly like her fantasy type work and how can I not like her Alice in Wonderland inspired images?

I will be stalking her flickr photostream from now on.



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Friday 15 August 2008
The Bowler.

I'm starting to grow very fond of the old bowler hat. The first thing that I connect the bowler to is Charlie Chaplin but it looks rather lovely on girls too, with the likes of Iekeline Stange and Clemence Posey being amongst its representatives.

Worn with bright colours, it gives a dressing-up, slightly circus vibe. I love that patterned jumpsuit; the whole outfit is really fun. A bowler hat can also be worn to complete an androgynous outfit. They look great with a pair of skinnies and a tailored jacket. What I like about someone just adding a bowler hat to quite a casual outfit is that it's an unexpected touch.

1,4 - Facehunter
2 - Dam Style
3 - Emma Nygren

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Saturday 9 August 2008
Well plaid, again.

images: river island, luella s/s 08, face hunter, topshop, hand it over

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Tuesday 5 August 2008
Signature Necklaces.

Whose necklaces (& black nail polish) do these belong to? A bit too easy, methinks.

I've been admiring these for ages now. A bit of a textbook lesson in layering a couple of necklaces / pendants. I think it's great to have some signature accessories which you wear with almost everything - a bit like Miranda Priestly and her white Hermes scarves in The Devil Wears Prada.

I have a fan necklace which I wore with everything - wore it to death and broke it. This was replaced with my old Topshop heart necklace, which I broke the next day. I have now replaced this with a H&M gold chain necklace, which fingers crossed, won't break (well not for a while yet).

pic from the fashion spot

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Thursday 31 July 2008

I spotted the floral pinafore dress on eBay, and from the back of the plaid pinafore (which I also found on eBay), I have a feeling that it is sort of worn back-to-front. A high-waisted skirt with braces has the same kind of effect. They both have quite a cutesy feel and I love those prints.

1,3,4 - eBay
2 - Copenhagen Street Style

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Tuesday 29 July 2008
Well Plaid.

Dug out some not-quite-vintage Luella from the archives for you to compare and contrast.

Plaid, for me, has always had that schoolgirl vibe of the Luella collection but it's interesting to contrast this to the folky feel of this season's D&G collection. You know that I always love a bit of Luella and I still have old cuttings from this collection. I also really like the floaty D&G dresses with the added clash of the tartan tights. Looking at these collections has opened my eyes to the versatility in the way that plaid can be worn.

pic credits: style.com, elle.com

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Sunday 27 July 2008
& we all love maryna.

Well I do anyway. Simply gorgeous. A Belarusian with amazing eyes and a beautiful smile. Love her hair - which is best with bangs, methinks. She just seems really warm and someone who would be really fun to be around. My model of the moment. Need I say more?

pics: style.com, nymag.com

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Sunday 20 July 2008
Poppy Valentine at asos.

My current obsession involves high-waisted floral skirts ala Swedish girls and Chloe Sevigny. I think the last 4 pieces that I've bought have been floral and 3 of them high-waisted skirts. I think I am truly obsessed and don't know what to do to cure my addiction.

One thing that's definitely not helping is Poppy Valentine at asos, which I found out about through Catwalk Queen. The label uses vintage fabrics, which I absolutely love the prints of. The colours of the top skirt together with the romantic print works beautifully, making it my favourite print. The colours are perfect for summer. I also really the shape of the skirts, with the pleating and the high-waist. There's a limited stock which makes the skirts even more tempting. I also like the floral dress, which reminds me a little of Chloe Sevigny. I again love the print.

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Sunday 13 July 2008
Fluo Bright.

This Fluo collection from Toy Watch seem to be a big hit at the moment. One of these will definitely brighten up your summer. Well, your wrist at least. I really like the lime green but would like to see one in hot pink (I'm not really sure about that particular shade of pink above). I could definitely see one of these going well with my multi-coloured star bracelet. However, if you're worried about these appearing all over the place and therefore losing its appeal, the Storm watch below is an alternative. It's less expensive, but still with the fluo brightness of the Toy Watches.

links: Toy Watch (available at Start London), Storm Watches

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Saturday 28 June 2008
Jeremy Scott A/W 08.

This collection could be described as eccentric; I found it absolutely fascinating. The inspiration seemed to be furniture and furnishings: from bookcases to grandfather clocks to curtains. Clever shapes and prints were used to great effect. The curtain pole and the picture frame particularly stuck out! There were some beautiful dresses, particularly the one Chanel Iman wore (left, second row). I also loved the superhero mask-inspired eye makeup. All this made a fabulous collection which was packed full of fun. I'm looking forward to what Scott does next.

pic credit: elle.com

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Saturday 21 June 2008
A Sailor Dress.

For a while now, I've been scouring eBay for sailor dresses. The nautical theme has been around for absolutely ages, and I think a sailor-inspired Japanese school uniform would be a perfect translation of the trend. There are loads of costumes around, which are a little bit tacky for my liking. I'm thinking of a vintage dress with a sailor collar, or even a Navy uniform from a surplus store. I think Cassie from Skins pulls off this look perfectly - I do love her style.

pic credits: (some unknown)
pixelninja.se, Fashion Toast, Hannah Murray Online

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Wednesday 18 June 2008
Inspired by

Topshop going a bit Blair Waldorf?
All yours for £28.
Shame her credit card doesn't come with it.

(I will return soon. One more exam left.)

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