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Friday, 31 August 2007
Big Bows, you are beautiful

I've always had this thing for bows. I immediately want stuff just because it has a bow on it. Giorgio Armani, it seems, also had a thing for bows this season, with them appearing in both his Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani collections. I absolutely love the drama of the over-sized bow on the dress in the middle. Bows do look fantastic on evening gowns, a perfect example being the Marc Jacobs dress below.

Pussycat bow blouses seem to be re-appearing this season. The secretary look is not over yet it seems, with the pussycat bow blouse and pencil skirt being in the Betsey Johnson collection. Note that the skirt is also high-waisted, another big trend this season. I also loved the DKNY Fall/Winter collection, Irina above wearing a more floaty,very feminine, twist on the bow.

Susie at Style Bubble recently did a post as a Homage to Minerva Mouse, and these bags from Kate Spade remind me of just that. I adore these bow clutches; a real statement piece and loads of fun. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a clutch similar to pink one.

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pic credits: style.com

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Tights Watch

I now have somewhat of an obsession with tights and am currently working on my rather pathetic collection. There are great number of trends in relation with tights, the most obvious probably being coloured opaques. I, myself, have a pink pair and a purple pair which I bought last October but have not ventured out in either pair yet. My mother claimed when I was trying on an outfit with the purple pair that it was too bright. I guess the safest option is wearing them with all black. However, colour is a key element this season, and the head-to-toe look in one colour is favourable. I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to try that out.

Lace and patterned tights are also becoming more popular. Lace tights can be very pretty and I particularly like the white pair above. I've seen black tights with small polka dots which I would love to get my hands on. There are also tights with more colourful and bolder patterns that I have seen at shops like H&M.

Ribbed tights are also favourites of mine. They were sent down the catwalk at the likes of Missoni and John Galliano. I want to buy a grey pair of either ribbed tights or ribbed knee-high socks to wear this autumn and winter. I bought a black pair the other day, but unfortunately were the wrong size and three times too long! Hopefully I'll have better luck soon.

I couldn't not mention the Prada footless socks which seem to be an essential piece in this season's wardrobe. But they're £50 a pair - way over my budget, and especially for a pair of socks! I'll get the scissors out.

pic credits: style.com, elle.com
lace/patterned tights available from mytights

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Monday, 27 August 2007
Trend Cycle: Plaid

For me, plaid has two main connotations: the first one being Scotland; the second being school. Scottish influences is the obvious inspiration for the tartan/plaid trend. I don't claim to know much about Scotland but if I think of Scotland I immediately think haggis, bagpipes and of course, kilts. School girl is another possible influence; a plaid skirt being part of a traditional school uniform. College-inspired looks are, as you know, a big trend for this autumn, so plaid will fit in very well.

We've seen plaid down the catwalk before, in many different shapes and with many different slants. The plaid at Alexander McQueen last year caused somewhat of a stir but I personally loved the plaid at Luella (it's pinned firmly to my inspirations board). This season, plaid was back on the catwalk, featuring in Jean Paul Gaultier's Celtic theme.

Plaid or tartan can add a quirky twist to an outfit. Another thing to put on my list of things to try this season.

pics: style.com

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Sunday, 19 August 2007
News Round-Up #1

picture credit: elle.com

p.s. Bee from "Currently in Love With", thank you for the comment. I tried to reply but only team members can leave comments on your blog? I think people are reading it, just can't leave comments!

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Friday, 17 August 2007
Next Big Thing? Graphic Print Tees

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting really bored of slogan tees. Sure, I thought they were great at first. That was, until everywhere started selling them and everyone started wearing them.

There's got to be a new t-shirt trend soon, right? Drew Barrymore, known to be a 'jeans and t-shirt girl', was recently was spotted in a zebra print tee. And it looks like graphic print tees are the way to go forward. Urban Outfitters obviously agree, with a range of them in store at the moment. They have few t-shirts from the Worn By range, which recreates tees worn by icons in the past. I'm up for the graphic print tees; any way to get away from those slogans.

Left to Right:

Drew Barrymore pic from just jared
Worn By Geo Print Tee - £38 from Urban Outfitters
Wrangler Wolf Print Tee - £20 from Urban Outfitters
Optic Deco Tee - £28 from Urban Outfitters

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Hair @ Christian Lacroix

I had a hair cut yesterday, and I can say that change isn't always a good thing. I'm starting to wish I hadn't done anything...

The hair at Christian Lacroix, however, did delight me. It managed to look pretty, yet a little bit crazy at the same time. I just loved looking at the backstage photos. The hair clips were beautiful and added that extra touch to the hair. I want some! The feathered hair pieces did remind me of Victoria Beckham in 2003. Hmmmm...who does it better?

picture credits: elle.com, fabsugar

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Colour Trend: Orange

I was in Topshop with my mum when she turned to me and asked: "Is orange going to be a big colour this season?", whilst pointing to a rail full of orange-coloured garments. Judging from the amount of orange that was sent down the catwalk in the fall/winter collections, I guess orange is a big colour this autumn, along with other "primary colours". I don't really know why people have been calling colours such as purple, orange, green and pink primary colours, when I know very well from my early school days that in fact red, blue and yellow are the real primary colours. Although I guess pink is just red mixed with white. What I do know is that block colours is set to be a huge trend this season.

Orange has never been a favourite colour of mine and my wardrobe contains very little of the citrus colour. Although, when picking sweets I always always go for the orange ones. The colour orange often strikes me as being a colour of fire, and I do like the rich orange tones that remind me so much of autumn. It is a colour of autumn leaves and compliments well the brown we find much of throughout autumn. There are also other lighter, citrus shades which could be experimented with. I could never do the whole top-to-toe look in orange with orange opaques. I love coloured tights, just not in orange. However, orange is a warm and bright colour; perfect for the autumn and winter heading for us.

photo credits: style.com

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Monday, 13 August 2007
I Spy: Braces

When I think "braces", I first think of the metal contraption fixed onto my teeth. Then thinking of the other sort, it conjures up images of middle aged men who still wear braces to hold their trousers up; particularly a past teacher of mine.

But braces have graced the catwalk this season in collections such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Sonia Rykiel, fitting in with last year's androgynous trend. Model of the moment Agyness Deyn seems to be a fan of braces as well; I like the contrast between the red braces and blue trousers. I also spotted a girl on Face Hunter wearing the same stripy skirt I bought in H&M last week. I'll be trying out this trend in the form of my new skirt soon - and I won't even be thinking of my old teacher!

photo credits: style.com, face hunter

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Thursday, 9 August 2007
Trend Report: College Girl

Everyone's talking about the Balenciaga collection, and I do really like the stripy blazers teamed with the ethnic scarves. The blazer seems to be one of the big pieces of the season, which starts a 'college girl' revival. Slouchy blazers, teamed with a shirt and jodhpurs featured in the Balenciaga collection but others such as Lacoste, DKNY and Luella provided their own twist on the trend. Rugby stripes were also in the mix at Lacoste, completing the preppy theme.

Key accessories include berets, scarves in college stripes, ribbed tights and stripy belts. With back-to-school season coming up, this is a great trend to try this autumn.
- Oh, and this summer I've been watching The OC boxset religiously. This trend reminded me of an episode in Season 2 where Marissa was supporting the college-girl look. The beret even had a cutesy green bow at the back.

photo credits: style.com, elle.com, mischa-b.com

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Saturday, 4 August 2007
Model Watch: Coco Rocha

This beautiful Canadian known as the "unconventional beauty" is the feature of this post. I adore her eyes and there is something extremely memorable about her face. She has an ability to master completely different looks and has an edgy appeal. She has been the face of advertising campaigns such as Balenciaga and has made countless appearances down the catwalk. Coco was one of the ten girls included in the US Vogue's "The World's Next Top Models" feature.

She was discovered at an Irish dance competition at the age of 14 but took a year to be convinced to start modeling. It was this dancing past that led her to opening and closing Jean-Paul Gaultier's show with an Irish dance. This girl is one of few models often seen to be smiling down the catwalk, something we could, and should, see more of in my opinion.

Another thing that makes me like her even more is the fact that she obviously has bags of personality and looks to keep two feet on the ground. Her personality shines through with her backstage shots, especially the many hilarious ones of her and best friend fellow model Behati Prinsloo. Coco loves to have fun, and is clearly a stunner. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

pic credits: style.com & coco-rocha.com

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