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Saturday, 22 September 2007
Luella Love.

I do love Luella. This new collection was not an exception. A geek theme, which we have seen in previous seasons, ran through the collection. This was integrated with influences from Batman. So now a Batman print t-shirt is sitting patiently on my (huge) wish list. Oh, and we see some more big glasses.

I loved the girly aspect; with the pretty dresses. I thought the dresses had a bit of a vintagey feel. The floral print ran through the collection and made some fabulous pieces. I particularly like the dress in the middle.

The shape of the first dress is beautiful and more yellow which makes me think that it will be a popular colour next spring. In the middle picture, I love the fun which is given by the mask and the cape. (I love dressing up!) The red dress is also gorgeous. I also really like the black dress on the end, with the Peter Pan collar. Overall, a big thumbs up to the collection.

pic credits: style.com

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Sunday, 16 September 2007
Trend Report: Skating Skirt

At first when I saw this trend in the magazines, I wasn't sure what it really meant. Sure, I had heard of the pencil, the bubble, the midi, but I hadn't heard of this shape before. Then I realised that it was inspired by the wonderful costumes of ice skating.

This new shape was on the catwalk at Missoni and at Christopher Kane. Some interesting materials were used; leather and velvet may be a theme this season. The skating skirt is fun, flirty and girly. It is short, but I love the folds and the way it flares out.

The colour of the Danielle Scutt skirt reminds me of the bright and cheerful ones that ice skaters wear. I'm not sure about everyday wear, but it's a great statement piece, perfect for parties. I'm looking forward to trying this new shape this season.

pic credits: style.com, elle.com

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Wednesday, 12 September 2007
& we all love Marc Jacobs

There were a few rumours flying around before the Marc Jacobs show, with last-minute rehearsals and the such. And with the start being 2 hours late, I think the whole fashion world knew that Marc Jacobs was going to give us drama. It turned out that it the collection was shown backwards; with Marc taking his bow first, followed by the evening gowns.

With the fairytale hats and hair pieces, it all reminded me of a make-belief world. Yes, I guess it was a bit showy, but that's what made it great. The pieces just want you to look a bit closer; they make you curious. There was a lot of craziness going on, and some stunning evening gowns, adding a lot of sparkle to the catwalk. I loved the dresses covered in flowers. The day-wear pieces were just simply Marc Jacobs through and through.

Marc by Marc Jacobs was a little bit more cutesy and perhaps fresher, but yet again, there was a lot of quirkiness. The mixture of different patterns really worked for me. It was more toned-down than the main Marc Jacobs collection, a little more wearable. Oh, and guess what? More of my first love: bows!

I was reading in an old Grazia magazine about how you could get Marc Jacobs pieces in a special range, where all items were under £50? There was a lovely t-shirt featured that was for just £15! Incredible prices. Yeh, I do love a bit of Marc.

pic credits: style.com

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Saturday, 8 September 2007
First Look: NYFW S/S 2008

I'm getting really confused. New York Fashion Week has just started, with collections for next spring, and I'm still thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. However, there have been loads and loads of new pictures for me to look at, so I thought I'd show you some of my favourites.

I liked the Karen Walker collection, especially the mixture of different patterns and also the floral print dresses. The dress in the middle reminded me a little of Russia, which seems to be an influence running through a couple of the collections so far. I loved the floppy hats and scarfs; ladylike and reminding me so much of summer!

Tailoring and the slouchy boyfriend blazer look is also staying next spring. The outfit in the middle from Jenni Kayne reminds me of looks sported by both Kirsten Dunst and Mary Kate Olsen recently. A simple grey t-shirt with a slouchy blazer can be really effective. I've noticed a lot of neutrals, perhaps a theme for next spring.

I really like some of the interesting shapes featured in the collections, particularly the Proenza Schouler coat above. I also like the sleeves on the Doo.Ri coat, which is again in a neutral colour. Apart from neutrals, yellow seems to be a popular colour. I absolutely love the colour of the Jason Wu dress.

There isn't really a theme running these three pictures; I just really liked them individually. The first picture I love because of the simplicity. Accessory-wise, she's carrying an oversized clutch, which is also something to watch this fall. The jacket from Badgley Mischka is a great shape, and compliments the shorts really well. I also really liked the jacket from Jenni Kayne; the detailing and the lightness of it makes it perfect for spring.

Of course, I had to mention the dresses. There have been many show stoppers so far and I had loads of trouble only picking three. I didn't include any Marchesa dresses, but I thought that there were a few Oscar-worthy dresses in their collection. (Marchesa was a collection that suggested a bit of a Russian influence). I was really impressed by Badgley Mischka where there were some gorgeous dresses. My favourite had to be the purple one; I love the shape. Bill Blass was an unusual show with the girls posing like mannequins, but it had some stunning dresses like the one above.

pic credits: style.com

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Friday, 7 September 2007
New Muse: Siri Tollerød

I discovered this beautiful Norwegian in Elle's "Meet the New Girls" feature by the guy behind Confessions of a Casting Director. She's just one of those girls that you cannot stop looking at. Siri has been compared to the likes of Gemma and Sasha, most probably because of her feline like features. She also has this naturalness about her.

Just a few days into New York Fashion Week, I've already spotted her down several catwalks, looking absolutely gorgeous. Just recently, she was also in the DKNY Jeans Fall 2007/8 campaign with Pete Wentz and on the catwalk for Prada Resort 2008. Siri has also starred in quite a few magazine editorials; I do believe that she has worked with Steven Meisel.

This girl is definitely one to watch for the future. Keep your eyes peeled for her in more catwalk shows this week.

pic credits: COACD, style.com

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Tuesday, 4 September 2007
Random Fact #1

I'm sure all of you are familiar with ugg boots. The celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller started this trend a few years back and then, like most trends, everyone was wearing them.

This random fact came from my Physics teacher in my lesson today. We were talking about good materials for lining the inside of winter boots. Anyway, I learnt something new about ugg boots. The reason that they are so expensive (Charley from Big Brother complaining about someone ruining her Uggs suddenly comes into mind), is that they are made from the skin of an animal called a ugg which are extremely rare in Australia. It is a sheep-like animal, but the difference is it has six legs.

Okay, so that fact was a load of rubbish, as you knowledgeable fashion followers will know . My physics teacher was winding us up. But I was so gullible I kind of believed him until he told of us he was talking rubbish. Well, I was tired, alright? Nice stupid untrue fact for you though.

Pics credit: osoblog

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