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Saturday, 30 August 2008
The Ongoing Search for the Perfect Satchel.

I mentioned my desire for a satchel at the beginning of the year, but am yet to find the perfect one. This is largely because I can't find one the right colour, shape and size with the buckle detailing and type of soft leather I have in mind.

Already browsing through the Mulberry website, I was pointed towards the Men's Bags section following a tip from Alexa Chung, and have found some possible bags that may fulfill the criteria of the perfect satchel that I seem to have I created in my head. The briefcase type bags would work really well with a long strap.

One of these bags would probably live with me for years and years to come. To me it would become somewhat of a classic piece that ages as it becomes more worn, giving it a bit more character.

If only I had around £450 to spare.

Mulberry Barnaby, Mulberry Walter, Mulbery Elkington

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Thursday, 21 August 2008
Eleanor Hardwick.

How talented this girl? Many of these photos were taken when she was only 14 (she's now 15).

I love the clever concepts behind the photographs and the props used are brilliant, with a variety of masks, old wooden doors and supermarket trolleys full with bags of carrots. I particularly like her fantasy type work and how can I not like her Alice in Wonderland inspired images?

I will be stalking her flickr photostream from now on.



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Friday, 15 August 2008
The Bowler.

I'm starting to grow very fond of the old bowler hat. The first thing that I connect the bowler to is Charlie Chaplin but it looks rather lovely on girls too, with the likes of Iekeline Stange and Clemence Posey being amongst its representatives.

Worn with bright colours, it gives a dressing-up, slightly circus vibe. I love that patterned jumpsuit; the whole outfit is really fun. A bowler hat can also be worn to complete an androgynous outfit. They look great with a pair of skinnies and a tailored jacket. What I like about someone just adding a bowler hat to quite a casual outfit is that it's an unexpected touch.

1,4 - Facehunter
2 - Dam Style
3 - Emma Nygren

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Saturday, 9 August 2008
Well plaid, again.

images: river island, luella s/s 08, face hunter, topshop, hand it over

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008
Signature Necklaces.

Whose necklaces (& black nail polish) do these belong to? A bit too easy, methinks.

I've been admiring these for ages now. A bit of a textbook lesson in layering a couple of necklaces / pendants. I think it's great to have some signature accessories which you wear with almost everything - a bit like Miranda Priestly and her white Hermes scarves in The Devil Wears Prada.

I have a fan necklace which I wore with everything - wore it to death and broke it. This was replaced with my old Topshop heart necklace, which I broke the next day. I have now replaced this with a H&M gold chain necklace, which fingers crossed, won't break (well not for a while yet).

pic from the fashion spot

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