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Wednesday, 30 January 2008
holy inspiration, batman!

I'm talking about Luella again. Instead of doing my algebra homework. You could say I'm pretty much obsessed.

Apart from florals, the spring/summer collection also featured inspiration from Batman. I loved this added touch of fun, with the Batman masks and prints that were used in the collection.

I'm looking for my own bit of Batman to add into my wardrobe. Whilst browsing through Ebay, I came across this little shop called Angelic Temptation. The owner makes these tutus in all sorts of prints, including cartoon characters. This Batman one would be perfect for a party, worn together with a mask.

I found this guy on Crafster. This hoodie is made from a Batman bedsheet and I love it. The print is amazing. Someone make me one please. I envy his talent - a guy who sews!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2008
a bit of inspiration.

I couldn't resist showing you these floral tights. The colour and boldness of the print adds an extra quirky twist to this girl's outfit. I like the way she teams them up with a pair of strong laced-up boots. Swedish girls definitely have style. She's got another one of those lovely ballerina-style high buns - how come when I try that hairstyle, I always look stupid?

pic credits: Stockholm Street Style

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Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Currently Desiring: Satchels

Moving away from the florals, I'm looking for a new bag at the moment. Satchels are where I'm heading. I love the way you can just sling them over your shoulder or wear them across your body. They're slightly reminiscent of the schoolgirls that I used to read about in books. I'm looking for a vintage satchel, with two buckles and slightly distressed tan leather. I found quite a few on Ebay (pics above) but will continue my search until I hopefully find the perfect one.

pic credits: The Streetswalker, gademode.dk, Stockholm Street Style

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Friday, 11 January 2008
it's true love.

I am aware that it is my third post in a row about florals and it probably is getting slightly repetitive to say the least. And it is probably making me seem like an obsessive. However, it seems that Topshop have taken inspiration from the Luella collection, and I couldn't quite resist showing you. I do think that Iekeliene Strange looks beautiful in their new ad campaign.

At first glance, I thought that it was a dress in the campaign but I think it's actually a mixture of two floral prints, which I really like. The tiered skirt above, that is very similar to ones in the Luella collection, is on the expensive side at £40. I think my best hope is trying to find a vintage version.

Topshop also have a nice selection of floral blouses. The middle one is probably my favourite, it slightly reminds me of the Oscar de la Renta collection. I really love the instant femininity that is given by floral blouses. These particular blouses are also too expensive for my budget - but I did manage to buy a floral blouse from H&M last weekend. Oh and this is probably my last floral post - for now anyway.

Above, left to right:
Floral Printed Tea Blouse - £32
Floral Frilly Sleeved Blouse - £28
Floral Printed Tea Blouse - £32
(all from Topshop)

pic credits: ad campaign fashionista.com

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Wednesday, 9 January 2008
more florals.

I'm sorry if you are a great hater of florals (WHY?) but I've found some more floral-related pictures to feed my habit. Thank you for the heads-up from discothequechic about the Oscar de la Renta Pre-Season collection, which was dominated by bold floral prints. The colours of the prints are gorgeous and really vibrant. I especially love the navy blouse teamed with the high-waisted skirt.

The black floor-sweeping dress was given a bit of a twist by adding the floral print at the bottom. It makes it a little more quirky. I think it exudes drama, especially through the neckline. I really like the way Oscar de la Renta used florals in so many different shapes, making the collection a really interesting one. Oh, and doesn't Jessica Stam look lovely?

pic credits: the Fashion Spot via Getty

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2008 Fashion Blogger Awards


I'm still upset about the fact that The Golden Globes have been cancelled and instead replaced by a televised press conference (what no red carpet dresses to look at?!). However, no worries because Jen from MahaloFashion has devised a way to reward fashion bloggers. There are six catergories and we can nominate two blogs for each one.

Head over here to nominate!

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Wednesday, 2 January 2008
Florals and More Luella Love.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. A trend for 2008, I think, is florals. At Balenciaga, strong florals featured on structured shapes which resembled armour. I'm not brave enough to venture into one of these outfits, nor afford it even if I wanted to! Elle are calling it, rather strangely in my opinion, "cyber florals".

There was even a jungle backdrop at Kenzo. The brightness of the flowery prints makes me feel really summery, even though it is absolutely freezing outside. The mixture of colours and boldness of the print work really well together, perfect for the summer.

Another collection which reminded me of summer holidays was at Dries Van Noten, where tropical colours were used with the floral print. There were also a mixture of patterns and prints within an outfit, some of them even clashing. Quite a bold look on the catwalk, but it could be translated down to everyday wear.

Then there's Luella. I honestly think that this has now become my favourite designer. For F/W 07 my favourite collection was Balenciaga but this coming season my favourite by far was Luella. I think I'll be talking about it a lot this year, or inspired from it. The collection was full of ditzy florals, something I love even more on close inspection.

This year, key pieces I want to buy are a floral shirt and floral dress with ruffles or tiers, perhaps vintage or second-hand. I also want to buy a pleated skirt, like the one above on the left. More of my wants to come!

pic credits: elle.com

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