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Tuesday, 2 September 2008
Dear Alexa,

I know that some people find you a bit annoying sometimes. But I still adore you. I often dream about having your wardrobe. And you do look pretty damn gorgeous in Elle. (Apart from I would have probably loved it more if your hair were down)

Wow, I'm really loving Elle lately. The collection covers are beautiful and they've been treating us with the likes of Chloe, Mary-Kate and now, Alexa. Although maybe we'd like a model next month.

A few quotes from Alexa:

On what gets her excited about fashion:
"I took a really geeky fan photo of my favourite model, Chanel Iman, when I was filming in Paris the other day"

On Karl Lagerfeld:
"The next day when I interviewed him, he said, 'Oh, all these people stink' and then, 'Not you, I like you, but no one else.' I thought, 'YES! Karl Lagerfeld likes me!'...He talks like a wise Chinese man..."

On wearing a £2,000 Matthew Williamson dress at Glastonbury:
"I was like, 'What? If I'd have know that I would not have worn the dress in a field!' It costs the same as a sofa."

On why people have responded so well to her:
"I dress like a real person would dress...I wear the same things over and over again."

On Henry Holland t-shirts:
"How about... 'I wanna sex ya, Alexa?' "

Alexa Chung in Elle UK Oct 08

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