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Saturday, 30 August 2008
The Ongoing Search for the Perfect Satchel.

I mentioned my desire for a satchel at the beginning of the year, but am yet to find the perfect one. This is largely because I can't find one the right colour, shape and size with the buckle detailing and type of soft leather I have in mind.

Already browsing through the Mulberry website, I was pointed towards the Men's Bags section following a tip from Alexa Chung, and have found some possible bags that may fulfill the criteria of the perfect satchel that I seem to have I created in my head. The briefcase type bags would work really well with a long strap.

One of these bags would probably live with me for years and years to come. To me it would become somewhat of a classic piece that ages as it becomes more worn, giving it a bit more character.

If only I had around £450 to spare.

Mulberry Barnaby, Mulberry Walter, Mulbery Elkington

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