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Friday, 2 May 2008
Topshop is still loving florals.

But are we? I still absolutely love them but the highstreet has now been completely saturated with Luella inspired florals. They're girly and perfect for the summer, but what about when they become 'So last season'? Will it be a trend that we end up binning completely? That's the problem with trends becoming extremely popular. Florals are more than just a trend to me, they're something that really fit into my style.

The problem with florals this summer is avoiding wearing the same thing as everyone else, and it becoming a type of uniform. I'm still looking for vintage floral pieces at the moment, to try and make my outfits more individual. I also really like some of the new Topshop floral pieces, such as the prom dress and the scribble rose lantern skirt, which is slightly reminiscent of the Spring/Summer D&G artsy theme. I love some of these variations on the floral print.

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