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Wednesday, 28 May 2008
Alice McCall for Topshop

"I wanted it have a part digi modern techno feel, but a part hippy girly and bohemian. With the DNA of our brand coming through. It's achieved this with great colours and cool prints. It really has a graphic edge. Each garment is somehow framed with black binding or white piping to give it a strong line..."

This designer collaboration with Topshop has excited me far more than the Kate Moss collections, which I feel are very similar to the regular ranges in Topshop. The Alice McCall collection is beautiful; I like the cuts, the patterns and the general vibe of the range. It's girly but a bit edgy with some pieces giving a slightly vintage feel. Another plus is that it's quite affordable. I like the patterned skirts with the black bows and also the high-waisted skirt. My favourite piece is the one-shouldered dress which I absolutely love the shape of, and the print mixed in.

All from topshop.com

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