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Saturday, 1 March 2008
New Muse: lisaplace.

Have you ever followed someone because their outfit is so stunning and you just want to take an extra look? Well the internet makes it so much easier. I have pretty much been stalking Lisaplace for a while now; she's beautiful and her effortless outfits are incredibly inspiring. I do think that I should maybe learn some Swedish. And red bows have been cropping up everywhere at the moment, Lisa's is gorgeous.

I find myself coveting many of her clothes, with just a few being that plaid skirt, vintage floral skirt, a clock necklace and the red Topshop cardigan which I had seen in shops but didn't really want until I saw it on her (unfortunately I couldn't afford it). I love the way she can throw on an oversized t-shirt and make it look so perfect. She mixes high-street with vintage pieces. This Swedish girl is inspiring.

all pictures from http://lisaplace.tjejsajten.se/

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