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Friday, 11 January 2008
it's true love.

I am aware that it is my third post in a row about florals and it probably is getting slightly repetitive to say the least. And it is probably making me seem like an obsessive. However, it seems that Topshop have taken inspiration from the Luella collection, and I couldn't quite resist showing you. I do think that Iekeliene Strange looks beautiful in their new ad campaign.

At first glance, I thought that it was a dress in the campaign but I think it's actually a mixture of two floral prints, which I really like. The tiered skirt above, that is very similar to ones in the Luella collection, is on the expensive side at £40. I think my best hope is trying to find a vintage version.

Topshop also have a nice selection of floral blouses. The middle one is probably my favourite, it slightly reminds me of the Oscar de la Renta collection. I really love the instant femininity that is given by floral blouses. These particular blouses are also too expensive for my budget - but I did manage to buy a floral blouse from H&M last weekend. Oh and this is probably my last floral post - for now anyway.

Above, left to right:
Floral Printed Tea Blouse - £32
Floral Frilly Sleeved Blouse - £28
Floral Printed Tea Blouse - £32
(all from Topshop)

pic credits: ad campaign fashionista.com

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