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Wednesday, 30 January 2008
holy inspiration, batman!

I'm talking about Luella again. Instead of doing my algebra homework. You could say I'm pretty much obsessed.

Apart from florals, the spring/summer collection also featured inspiration from Batman. I loved this added touch of fun, with the Batman masks and prints that were used in the collection.

I'm looking for my own bit of Batman to add into my wardrobe. Whilst browsing through Ebay, I came across this little shop called Angelic Temptation. The owner makes these tutus in all sorts of prints, including cartoon characters. This Batman one would be perfect for a party, worn together with a mask.

I found this guy on Crafster. This hoodie is made from a Batman bedsheet and I love it. The print is amazing. Someone make me one please. I envy his talent - a guy who sews!

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