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Wednesday, 2 January 2008
Florals and More Luella Love.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. A trend for 2008, I think, is florals. At Balenciaga, strong florals featured on structured shapes which resembled armour. I'm not brave enough to venture into one of these outfits, nor afford it even if I wanted to! Elle are calling it, rather strangely in my opinion, "cyber florals".

There was even a jungle backdrop at Kenzo. The brightness of the flowery prints makes me feel really summery, even though it is absolutely freezing outside. The mixture of colours and boldness of the print work really well together, perfect for the summer.

Another collection which reminded me of summer holidays was at Dries Van Noten, where tropical colours were used with the floral print. There were also a mixture of patterns and prints within an outfit, some of them even clashing. Quite a bold look on the catwalk, but it could be translated down to everyday wear.

Then there's Luella. I honestly think that this has now become my favourite designer. For F/W 07 my favourite collection was Balenciaga but this coming season my favourite by far was Luella. I think I'll be talking about it a lot this year, or inspired from it. The collection was full of ditzy florals, something I love even more on close inspection.

This year, key pieces I want to buy are a floral shirt and floral dress with ruffles or tiers, perhaps vintage or second-hand. I also want to buy a pleated skirt, like the one above on the left. More of my wants to come!

pic credits: elle.com

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