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Thursday, 20 December 2007
wise owl.

More searching on The Urban Collection led to me finding the owl pendant necklace in the middle. It's 70s vintage by Sarah Coventry. I have to admit, I've never been a particularly big fan of owls. In fact, I have a memory of my year 2 teacher giving me a horrible little wooden owl, which seemed to have no purpose whatsoever. I wonder where that's gone now. However, these wise creatures have suddenly grown on me.

On Etsy there are loads of owl-related goodies, including lots of beautiful pendants. There are also brooches, owl print bags and t-shirts. Perhaps a Christmas gift for any wise owls out there?

left to right:
Wise Mr Owl Necklace - $15.50 from erm originals
"Give a Hoot" Necklace - $32.00 from The Urban Collection
Vintage Stone Eye Owl - $38.00 from ragtrader relic

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