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Tuesday, 4 December 2007
jose vanders.

Apart from fashion, I also have a love for music. Listening to music that is, because I actually cannot sing. Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about Jose (pronounced to rhyme with dose) Vanders. She is actually amazing.

My friend Mollie, who is literally obsessed, told me about her back in the summer. Her and Ellie went to see her and I was dead jealous. Ellie is also obsessed - she draws the Jose Vander's cupcakes and birds all over her hands in biro.

Her music is simply beautiful, I can listen to it all day. The lyrics are gorgeous too. She seems like a very very lovely person also. I may ask her to do an interview for me here sometime. What I'm essentially saying is that you should listen to her music, and maybe you will fall in love with it and her too.

Oh and download her Christmas song, Winter Wear here for only 79p - I would love for her to be in the top 40!


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