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Wednesday, 17 October 2007
more balenciaga love: eco-warrior and hippy power

I really must stop talking about the F/W Balenciaga collection but I really can't help myself. I actually love it so much, definitely my favourite collection from the autumn/winter collections. Topshop have released a range called 'Eco-Warrior' but within the Balenciaga collection there are some outfits which truly make me think of the phrase. Zebra print, which is used in the dress on the first picture, I think will be a big hit this season. I think the third picture shows perfectly the eco-warrior look. Many people have talked about how Nicholas Ghesquiere managed to mixed structured jackets with more feminine, floaty skirts or dresses - so effective.

I also think there were some hippy influences. Global mix and boho-tec have been key buzz words but some of the kaleidescope effects on the dresses said to me hippy. The prints on the dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the cuts.

Oh, and while browsing through the backstage photos, I came across this lady. I don't really know who she is, but I think she fits quite well with the Balenciaga collection, don't you?

pic credits: style.com, elle.com

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