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Wednesday, 12 September 2007
& we all love Marc Jacobs

There were a few rumours flying around before the Marc Jacobs show, with last-minute rehearsals and the such. And with the start being 2 hours late, I think the whole fashion world knew that Marc Jacobs was going to give us drama. It turned out that it the collection was shown backwards; with Marc taking his bow first, followed by the evening gowns.

With the fairytale hats and hair pieces, it all reminded me of a make-belief world. Yes, I guess it was a bit showy, but that's what made it great. The pieces just want you to look a bit closer; they make you curious. There was a lot of craziness going on, and some stunning evening gowns, adding a lot of sparkle to the catwalk. I loved the dresses covered in flowers. The day-wear pieces were just simply Marc Jacobs through and through.

Marc by Marc Jacobs was a little bit more cutesy and perhaps fresher, but yet again, there was a lot of quirkiness. The mixture of different patterns really worked for me. It was more toned-down than the main Marc Jacobs collection, a little more wearable. Oh, and guess what? More of my first love: bows!

I was reading in an old Grazia magazine about how you could get Marc Jacobs pieces in a special range, where all items were under £50? There was a lovely t-shirt featured that was for just £15! Incredible prices. Yeh, I do love a bit of Marc.

pic credits: style.com

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