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Tuesday, 4 September 2007
Random Fact #1

I'm sure all of you are familiar with ugg boots. The celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller started this trend a few years back and then, like most trends, everyone was wearing them.

This random fact came from my Physics teacher in my lesson today. We were talking about good materials for lining the inside of winter boots. Anyway, I learnt something new about ugg boots. The reason that they are so expensive (Charley from Big Brother complaining about someone ruining her Uggs suddenly comes into mind), is that they are made from the skin of an animal called a ugg which are extremely rare in Australia. It is a sheep-like animal, but the difference is it has six legs.

Okay, so that fact was a load of rubbish, as you knowledgeable fashion followers will know . My physics teacher was winding us up. But I was so gullible I kind of believed him until he told of us he was talking rubbish. Well, I was tired, alright? Nice stupid untrue fact for you though.

Pics credit: osoblog

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