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Saturday, 22 September 2007
Luella Love.

I do love Luella. This new collection was not an exception. A geek theme, which we have seen in previous seasons, ran through the collection. This was integrated with influences from Batman. So now a Batman print t-shirt is sitting patiently on my (huge) wish list. Oh, and we see some more big glasses.

I loved the girly aspect; with the pretty dresses. I thought the dresses had a bit of a vintagey feel. The floral print ran through the collection and made some fabulous pieces. I particularly like the dress in the middle.

The shape of the first dress is beautiful and more yellow which makes me think that it will be a popular colour next spring. In the middle picture, I love the fun which is given by the mask and the cape. (I love dressing up!) The red dress is also gorgeous. I also really like the black dress on the end, with the Peter Pan collar. Overall, a big thumbs up to the collection.

pic credits: style.com

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