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Friday, 31 August 2007
Tights Watch

I now have somewhat of an obsession with tights and am currently working on my rather pathetic collection. There are great number of trends in relation with tights, the most obvious probably being coloured opaques. I, myself, have a pink pair and a purple pair which I bought last October but have not ventured out in either pair yet. My mother claimed when I was trying on an outfit with the purple pair that it was too bright. I guess the safest option is wearing them with all black. However, colour is a key element this season, and the head-to-toe look in one colour is favourable. I'm not sure I'm quite brave enough to try that out.

Lace and patterned tights are also becoming more popular. Lace tights can be very pretty and I particularly like the white pair above. I've seen black tights with small polka dots which I would love to get my hands on. There are also tights with more colourful and bolder patterns that I have seen at shops like H&M.

Ribbed tights are also favourites of mine. They were sent down the catwalk at the likes of Missoni and John Galliano. I want to buy a grey pair of either ribbed tights or ribbed knee-high socks to wear this autumn and winter. I bought a black pair the other day, but unfortunately were the wrong size and three times too long! Hopefully I'll have better luck soon.

I couldn't not mention the Prada footless socks which seem to be an essential piece in this season's wardrobe. But they're £50 a pair - way over my budget, and especially for a pair of socks! I'll get the scissors out.

pic credits: style.com, elle.com
lace/patterned tights available from mytights

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