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Friday, 17 August 2007
Next Big Thing? Graphic Print Tees

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting really bored of slogan tees. Sure, I thought they were great at first. That was, until everywhere started selling them and everyone started wearing them.

There's got to be a new t-shirt trend soon, right? Drew Barrymore, known to be a 'jeans and t-shirt girl', was recently was spotted in a zebra print tee. And it looks like graphic print tees are the way to go forward. Urban Outfitters obviously agree, with a range of them in store at the moment. They have few t-shirts from the Worn By range, which recreates tees worn by icons in the past. I'm up for the graphic print tees; any way to get away from those slogans.

Left to Right:

Drew Barrymore pic from just jared
Worn By Geo Print Tee - £38 from Urban Outfitters
Wrangler Wolf Print Tee - £20 from Urban Outfitters
Optic Deco Tee - £28 from Urban Outfitters

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