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Wednesday, 15 August 2007
Colour Trend: Orange

I was in Topshop with my mum when she turned to me and asked: "Is orange going to be a big colour this season?", whilst pointing to a rail full of orange-coloured garments. Judging from the amount of orange that was sent down the catwalk in the fall/winter collections, I guess orange is a big colour this autumn, along with other "primary colours". I don't really know why people have been calling colours such as purple, orange, green and pink primary colours, when I know very well from my early school days that in fact red, blue and yellow are the real primary colours. Although I guess pink is just red mixed with white. What I do know is that block colours is set to be a huge trend this season.

Orange has never been a favourite colour of mine and my wardrobe contains very little of the citrus colour. Although, when picking sweets I always always go for the orange ones. The colour orange often strikes me as being a colour of fire, and I do like the rich orange tones that remind me so much of autumn. It is a colour of autumn leaves and compliments well the brown we find much of throughout autumn. There are also other lighter, citrus shades which could be experimented with. I could never do the whole top-to-toe look in orange with orange opaques. I love coloured tights, just not in orange. However, orange is a warm and bright colour; perfect for the autumn and winter heading for us.

photo credits: style.com

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