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Friday, 15 June 2007
Trend Cycle: Nautical

Sorry about the lack of posts lately; my excuses being revision, being ill when I was supposed to sit some exams, and now having to catch up. But enough excuses, let's talk all things nautical.

I thought the nautical trend was pretty much dead, but I was obviously wrong. I love the quirkiness of the Alexander McQueen slant on the trend; the captain-ness of the Marc by Marc Jacobs and the femininity of the Chloe.

Over the years, the key colours have been red, blue and white. Stripes have been a major staple. The trend has been mixed with schoolgirl, drawn from classic Riviera and taken some feminine slants. Sailor-related objects have appeared on clothes: anchors, ships and pirate skulls. I like this trend, and sense that it's coming back this summer.

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