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Saturday, 23 June 2007
Girl to Watch: Willa Holland

The name Willa Holland may not be familiar to you, but she is better know as Kaitlin in The OC, playing Mischa Barton's little sister. I, personally, love Mischa's style and it looks like Willa may be following in her footsteps. In The OC, Kaitlin was rather rebellious at times and in Grazia this week, she is called "The Rebellious One". She has been noticed for her sense of style during New York Fashion Week, particularly at the Betsey Johnson show. I love her outfit: edgy and unique.

Whilst watching The OC, I often admired the natural beauty of Willa. Just turned 16, I think she is one girl to be watched. She was first told to get into acting when after spending a day at Steven Spielberg's home, he told her mother: "You've got to put her in front of a camera!". After that, signed up with Ford Modeling Agency and later got into acting.

I don't think this is just another pretty face, I think she'll become a style icon in her own right. There's a cool kid on the block.

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