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Thursday, 17 May 2007
It's All About...Foho

We all remember the boho trend, mainly started by Sienna Miller. Hands up, who owns the gypsy skirt or the coin belt? Or even both? Well anyway, according to the Daily Telegraph, "now Boho is back, albeit in a new incarnation" with a folk twist.

The definition from the Daily Telegraph:

'Foho' is about a more understated, eclectic mix, fusing classic Boho elements - Seventies silhouettes, crochet trims and trippy hippie prints - with more subtle folk pieces, such as washed-out denim and traditional embroideries.

This look is perfect for the festival season, and fits right in with the printed tunics we've seen from the likes of Mina, Laura Lees and Darimeya (all available from asos.com). Mischa Barton seems to be the textbook example of this look, with her fringed jacket, tunics, denim shorts and boots. It has also been supported celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan. A great summer look, let's hope that we don't dig this trend into its grave.

So it seems that boho is no longer, it's 'foho' darling.


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