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Monday, 23 April 2007
Spotlight: Sweetie Darling

After reading on the Elle magazine website about accessories that were 'good enough to eat', I cast my mind back to a couple of years ago when I originally heard about Sweetie Darling on This Morning. They caught my eye because the jewellery seemed cute, fun and a bit quirky.

The jewellery is made from real sweets that a specially treated to make them into suitable charms. You can "pick and mix" to create your own sweetie jewellery. I think they would be great to add a bit of fun to an outfit this summer. They would also make the perfect gift and won't break the bank.

Left to Right:

19 Sweet Adult Bracelet - £16
3 Sweet Keyring - £4
Pink Round Dolly Mixture Earrings - £4
Pico Balla Adult-Size Bracelet - £9

all from www.sweetiedarling.net

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